Being Your Own Boss Can Have Issues

When the idea to start your own organisation very first popped into your head, I’m thinking a specific level of pessimism got into the bubble. The idea of the grind ahead I’m sure ended up being all you considered and maybe, for some of you, those thoughts delayed the start-up somewhat.

However in time, that advise to be your very own boss overwhelmed the pessimism and you made the dive.

And here you are.

You’re the boss.

And, it’s a bit frightening right?

Sure it’s got its advantages. You can pick the kids up from school. You no longer need to get approval to be ill and you set your very own hours.

Although …

Even though you get to set your very own hours, you never truly turn off. The conventional 9 to 5 that required you to become your very own manager somehow gave way to a more gruelling 24/ 7.

Okay, you get to be ill without having to encourage someone you are not fit to go to work and now, when you get ill, you most likely won’t earn money.

And yeah, you get the alternative of more time with the kids but at what expense?

With your service on your mind 24 hours a day, where’s the escape? You’ve got work on your mind and everything else, whether we desire to admit it or not, is an interruption.

Being your own boss is lonely. You might be surrounded with staff and have a loving partner in your home and kids who love you however it’s still lonely.

There’s a pressure in being your very own boss that you never knew existed. It makes you think of all those managers you didn’t much care for. It takes you back to those moments when you thought your boss might have managed a situation better and you begin to empathise rather.

You start to put yourself in their shoes. What type of pressure was your former boss under? You get a bit embarrassed that you never ever thought to inquire. You were never ever there for them.

Just like nobody is truly there for you. Not really.

I guess today’s post is about me. I have no recommendations to provide.

The government wants us to begin small businesses and utilize individuals however as quickly as we do, they turn against us. Everyone has rights however we don’t.

It feels like the whole world protests us.

Often we make stupid choices. Like utilizing friends or household. We feel the need to surround ourselves with people we can rely on yet fail to consider that the moment we do, we kill relationships and discover ourselves more alone than ever.

I’m sure there are times when utilizing family or friends has actually exercised well for somebody but I’m guessing it does not take place often coz there’s a popular saying drifting around advising against doing such a thing.

So if you’re smart you prevent those risks and make that famous Whitesnake song your own personal anthem.

Being your own employer is fantastic but it’s likewise a lonesome road that you stroll alone.

It doesn’t need to be that method though; the government might make it simpler for us. Sure they offer organisation recommendations initiatives however they’re all tailored to growing your service which in turns adds more pressure and serves to separate you further from the world.

Maybe the government could do more to assist us job creators? Perhaps they could, I have no idea, allocate a few hours monthly of totally free counselling? Give us a safe environment where we can just discuss our problems without fretting anyone?

You see, that’s the genuine concern I have, as a company owner who can you really, deeply confide in?

If service is going well, who can you really share that details with? That could illegal jealousy and could easily come across as bragging. Well, that could just make them greedy.

And exactly what about those times when things are not going so well? Who do you talk with then? You do not want to burden your enjoyed ones with that and you absolutely can’t speak to your staff about it due to the fact that usually exactly what’s causing you sleepless nights is merely a blip in the grand scheme of things and sharing every blip can and will produce paranoia amongst your labor force.

Reality is, you opted to be your very own boss. As in charge you are a basic. It’s your job to keep particular things to yourself until they absolutely need airing.

However it’s still tough.

Wednesdays for some factor have always been hard for me (this was published on a Wednesday) I call them wobble Wednesdays. It’s the only day of the week where I allow dark thoughts. I do all my panicking on a Wednesday, the logic behind it being that I can analyse any blips and if there are any that have the possible to develop into something more significant then I’ve given myself time to discover a solution before payday hits.

I will be truthful, today’s blip is not work associated, well, not precisely. Today’s blip is down to me needing to miss a household function this coming Friday due to work. A family member is reaching a certain milestone this Friday, it’s a big event, a get-together if you will, and I won’t be there because my organisation requires me to be somewhere else.

Let’s just say the news of my approaching absence hasn’t gone over well.

Amusing thing is, if I wasn’t my own boss and informed them that I needed to miss the function due to my company scheduling me a late shift the action to my absence would have been accepted. Heck, I would have even gotten some compassion out it, however, as my family know that I am my own boss and that one of the most famous “perks” of being your very own employer is that you pick your very own hours, well, let’s simply say that I’m not getting any understanding whatsoever not to mention compassion.

There’s a pressure in being your own manager that you never ever knew existed. It makes you believe about all those employers you didn’t much care for. It takes you back to those moments when you thought your boss could have handled a situation much better and you begin to empathise rather.

What kind of pressure was your previous employer under? Reality is, you selected to be your own employer.